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Worthshop 7



Mahalo For Connecting At Worthshop 7

Mahalo for joining us for Worthshop 7 – an intentionally pared-down, unplugged version of previous Worthshop events. Having proven our successful formula for creating a powerful and engaging speaking forum each year, we decided instead to go dark.

Worthshop 7 was an invite-only retreat attended by more than 100 industry influencers, Hawai‘i Life Realtors, and their guests. The weekend was generously hosted by Hawaii Life and held at the Travaasa Resort in Hana, Maui.

Understanding the value of human connection and relationships, particularly in our industry, we wanted to do Worthshop a little differently this year. Though we have grown, we’ve never been corporate. Having fun together and connecting away from work was a great way to reaffirm everything that makes our company’s culture unique and special.
— Matt Beall, Hawai'i Life

Worthshop 7 Theme: Connection

Our journey began on the beautiful Road to Hana, a fitting metaphor for our journey inward this year. At Worthshop, we tapped into our statewide brain trust, we germinated new ideas, we planned and innovated. Worthshop 7 was all about making new connections and deepening existing ones, both within our company and within ourselves.

There were no speakers, planned events, or meetings. Instead, we scheduled time to brainstorm and to connect, unplugged from the pull and demands of our daily lives.

We got out in nature. We recharged our batteries. We talked story. We celebrated individual achievements. We disconnected from our gadgets to connect more deeply with our beautiful surroundings and with one another.

Worthshop 7’s informal structure was designed to seed new collaborations, thoughtful discourse, and innovation aimed at taking our company and its culture to the next level.