Mahalo For "Talking Story" at Worthshop 5

Worthshop 5 "Talk Story" focused on the power of storytelling in business and life. Together we explored many aspects of storytelling - tuning into your audience, patterns and techniques, writing, crafting your own personal and business stories, along with new ways to share your story. 


Story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.
— Robert McKee

Worthshop 5 Speakers

Worthshop speakers are industry chiefs, inspirational thought leaders, ad gurus, best selling authors, innovators and motivators that gather together to inform, inspire, share and talk story. Here are a few of the incredible speakers that participated in Worthshop 5. 

My commitment is to deliver results, so each event is a self-contained growth experience of good ideas and inspiration, with no sales pitch. In a select number of moments each year, I try to make the kind of contribution that leaves people better off for having spent some time with me.
— Matthew Ferarra, Philosopher